Prestop is looking for a planner!

Freitag 04 Oktober 2019

It's becomming more common to order a hamburger or pizza via an order kiosk. Prestop produces these order kiosks, but also of the touchscreens that Tommy Hilfiger and KPN use in their stores. This means that we are always busy with production, installation and support. Because Prestop not only designs and produces order kiosks, touch tables and interactive video walls, but also rents, installs and maintains these itself.

To ensure that all our customers receive their products on time, our installers know where and when they need to install or repair an interactive solution, we are looking for a planner who will ensure that everything runs smoothly.



Prestop is a Value Added Manufacturer. This means that we also add software to the products we produce ourselves. This ensures that the configuration of the software must also be planned and agreements must be made with the buyer regarding infrastructure and power. The planner has an important role to ensure customers not only get their products delivered on time, but that the customer also carried out preparations so that delivery runs smoothly and that issues are quickly resolved.

After receiving an assignment you plan the production of the equipment or preparation for the rental assignment. You immediately report any changes in the planning to the account managers so that they can inform their customers in time and you look for a solution together with the customer and account manager.

In addition to the internal planning, you are also responsible for the planning of the field staff who have to install or repair the products. You are also responsible for the possible hiring of additional means of transport or lifts. In short, you ensure that the field staff have the means to perform the assignment on time and optimally.


Qualifications and skills

  • You have experience in a similar position and you know how it works in a small, flat organization
  • You see no problems but challenges
  • You always look further ahead and can switch quickly if the planning starts differently
  • You live in the Eindhoven area (the Netherlands) and you have a driver's license
  • Handson mentality, energy, proactivity, drive, insight to optimally fill in the planning of various disciplines is more important than your education
  • Salary is according to your age and experience. You can start in the short term

Interested? Send your CV and cover letter to Alexander Aelberts |

Contract type: full-time (40 hrs).
Acquisition following this vacancy is not appreciated.

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